Espyproject | WP 04 – capitalisation
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WP 04 – capitalisation

Project’s results will be announced by means of tools providing both vertical and horizontal multiplying effects at local, regional, national and transnational level. These tools will also communicate prospects for improvement on the basis of the initial outline of the project and the actions implemented.

The transfer of results will be carried out vertically, so the identified best practices may be applied by other political and regulatory bodies with decision-taking capability. In addition, a horizontal transfer of results will be also carried out, so that other bodies with similar sector or territorial operation fields may adopt the same best practices.


Action 4.1 Capitalisation Meetings in each partner region to foster the exchange of experiences, involving policy-makers and stakeholders at national, regional and local level.


Action 4.2 Transnational guide “Recommendations for Youth Opportunities Initiatives.


European dimension”. Evaluation on how the social experimentation held in Málaga could improve existing social policies or programmes in partner areas and vice versa. This will be done by each partner by means of a package of recommendations that local experts will validate.


Action 4.3 Local Technical Capitalisation Meetings with employment, social, youth and education key actors, aimed at publicising the actions taken by the project and creating joint protocols to replicate the project’s results.


Action 4.4 Final Capitalisation Conference in Málaga “Innovative Social Policies to create Youth Opportunities in Europe”.


A transnational policy conference will be held in Málaga for the presentation of the results and main outputs of the project. The aim of this conference is informing stakeholders (European/national/regional/local key actors) about the project’s results in order to get a feedback on specific project’s outcomes, raise awareness about the importance of new social policies for young people and influence policy-makers.


Work Package 04 Results:


Five capitalisation meetings.

Five study visits, one in each partner country, about strategies to tackle and prevent youth unemployment and exclusion.

One transnational guide “Recommendations for Youth Opportunities Initiatives. European dimension”.

Fifteen local technical capitalisation meetings (three in each region).

One Final Capitalisation Conference.

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