Objectives - Espyproject


1) To consolidate a multidimensional and holistic approach considering Social, Employment, Education and Youth policies as a comprehensive strategy.


2) To establish local public committees of local stakeholders against youth unemployment (social partners, NGOs, civil society associates, groups of beneficiaries etc.) by means of participative methods and gender dimension.


3) To promote innovative and creative measures to fight against youth unemployment high rates, so that young people get involved regarding new society challenges.


4) To implement and evaluate a small scale experimentation to be developed in rural areas of the province of Málaga with the cooperation of local key actors, aiming at improving social and employment situation of young people between 15 and24 years old.


5) To ensure mutual learning, dissemination and capitalization of results at transnational level among the partners of the project (5 European regions with youth unemployment rates over the EU average+ 1 policy partner) and replicate them in other European territories


6) To promote the exchange of experiences, know-how and expertise in the field of impact evaluation at transnational level as well.


7) To create social policy recommendations considering the successful experiences of the project and transfer them as new strategic programmes for Youth Opportunities policies.