WP 01- management and coordination - Espyproject

WP 01- management and coordination

Malaga County Council will be in charge of leading the partnership created to develop the project’s activities. The partnership will be organised through information communications and the establishment of communications and meetings:


Action 1.0 Kick-off informative seminar in Brussels

Kick-off informative seminar in Brussels.


Action 1.1 Steering Committee Group.

The project will create a Steering Committee Group, made up of one staff person appointed by each of the partner entities involved in the execution of the project.  The Steering Committee Group will hold the following meetings:

• Kick-off meeting in Málaga, which took place on 15th May 2014, for the purpose of specifying and defining the design of the action plan, tools, instruments and indicators used for evaluation and also the Capitalisation and Information & Communication Plan.

• 5 meetings during the project in each of the partner regions. The purpose of these meetings will be to establish working guidelines, to coordinate activities and to ensure that all the testing phase activities are correctly put into practice.


Action 1.2 Working Group

It will be in charge of the direct implementation of the project and it will be composed by one expert on Social Policy for Youth from each partner organisation. They will meet in order to review the on-going evaluation of the project, to continually evaluate activities in order to be able to detect any incidents and/or opportunities that could serve to modify plans and introduce corrections to improve any activities that are being carried out.


Action 1.3 Audit Report

An external expert will be also subcontracted by Málaga County Council in order to audit the financial situation of the project and verify the budget control of the expenses.


Action 1.4 Quality assurance and evaluation of the project (QEP). QEP will include evaluation methods, data capture tools and timetables

Performance indicators will be identified for each work package and the assessment of overall project impact. An external evaluator subcontracted by Málaga County Council will supervise the process


Work Package 01 Results:

Six Steering Committee Meetings.

One Management tool-kit.

Five Working Group meetings.

Three audit reports.

One Evaluation Report.

One QEP Plan.