WP 05 - Information and Communication Plan - Espyproject
An information and communication plan, corporate image of the project, publication of promotional and dissemination material, dissemination in the media, ESPY resource guide and dissemination workshops in each territory will be developed.

WP 05 – Information and Communication Plan

Action 5.1 Development of the Information and Communication Plan.

A common communication and visibility plan have been established as well as a handbook of guidelines for communication.


Action 5.2 Project corporate image.

It will be common and binding for all the partners and will include a common logo and design for communication between the partnership (press releases, mailings, e-mails, social networks etc).


Action 5.3 Dissemination and promotional products.

Design and publication of leaflets, posters, banners, CD, Final Conference Video.


Action 5.4 Dissemination in the media.

Three press releases will be launched at EU level. Moreover they will be launched press releases at local and regional level over the course of each project’s phase. Press conferences will be also held to present the project milestones. Project information will be disseminated though social networks, publications on websites, as well as the communication media from the own partners organisations, their agencies and collaborators.


Action 5.5 ESPY Resources Guide.

It will compile local resources or tools offered by key agents (employment, social, youth and education fields) for reducing and preventing youth unemployment and early school leaving, aiming at turning them into a channel for providing information and publicising the project. Individual meetings will be held with these agents to present the project, its objectives and the technical staff who will be in charge of its implementation.


Action 5.6 Dissemination workshops.

Each local partner will organise public information events/workshops in their territory, aiming at presenting the project itself and the expected results and/or outputs in order to increase the visibility of actions. These workshops will be formed by each project partner, politicians from local authorities and social partner organisations.


Work Package 05 Results:

One handbook of guidelines for communication.

Common logo and graphics.

One Webpage.

Three press releases at EU dimension.

Eighteen local/regional press releases.

Six ESPY Resources Guides.

Individual meetings with key agents to present the project.

Eighteen dissemination workshops.